Writing Prompt Generator: Four Elements

People ask, “Where do you get your ideas?” Get ’em right here!

    The generator gives you the Four Elements for a prompt:

  1. A character,
  2. in a location,
  3. with an object,
  4. facing a situation.

Combine all four into a perfect work of microfiction. The only rule is that all four elements must be used in some way. Simple, right? These are supposed to be warm-up exercises, so think in terms of flash fiction. You don’t need to create a fully developed beginning, middle, and end.

They can be funny, creepy, sad, or just plain weird. We tend toward humor, but there’s no rule saying you have to. There’s also no rule saying you have to keep them brief. If you’re truly inspired, you could turn these prompts into short stories or even novels.

More about Four Elements prompts.

So, have fun and share your results in a comment!

Note: some subject matter may be unsuitable for children.

(over 8 billion possibilities!)


  1. Jen

    Character – Tooth Fairy
    Setting – Bill Gates’s house
    Object – Chinese fingercuffs
    Situation – Police Line – Do Not Cross

    This practically writes itself!

  2. Jen

    Character – agoraphobe
    Setting – sewage treatment plant
    Object – haunted marionette
    Situation – First Date

    I have a theory about how the agoraphobe got to the sewage treatment plant, but it’s pretty gross. I suspect this first date will also be the last.

  3. Jen

    Character – bog monster
    Location – treehouse
    Object – blackmarket unicorn horn
    Situation – disposing of evidence

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