With Father Doling Out His Affections

  • by jento all a good night
  • a little round belly
  • then in a twinkling
  • for a long winter’s nap
  • and a twist of his head

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With Father doling out his affections to all, a good night‘s sleep surely awaited him. But not me. I couldn’t get the images out of my head. Whenever my eyes closed I saw a little round belly covered by far, far too much wiry hair, and other things that I shudder to put into words. There was no way I could ally myself with a man who thought it was appropriate to engage in group sex in front of his son.

I pulled back the black velvet drapery panel and opened the door, and then, in a twinkling, radiant burst, the outside light flooded the room and nearly blinded me. It was a relief not to have to see the debauchery anymore. What I wouldn’t give for a father who would spend his days curled up on a sofa for a long winter’s nap, or watching game shows. Basically anything besides treason and exhibitionism.

In the corridor I surprised a ninja. A quick kick to his gut and a twist of his head put him out of commission for good. As I stood over him, listening in vain for his compatriots, I wondered if he worked for Father and the Svenborgian sisters, or if he was here on assignment. I decided I should get the hell out of there before anyone showed up to answer my question.

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