Viscount Arlo Dispatched His Henchmen

  • by KentWhere were you when I needed you?
  • ugly ghosts from the past
  • followed after him in a wild mob
  • hardened crystalline structure
  • You knew this was inevitable

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Viscount Arlo dispatched his henchmen to go after Jason. When the van left, he turned back to me.

You knew this was inevitable,” he said. His sneering accent made me want to punch him, but he wasn’t stupid enough to uncuff me. He droned about being the one responsible for all my hardships, a monologue I ignored as soon as it became clear that he had all the facts wrong.

I looked past him, at the strange building like a hardened crystalline structure of some milky, waxy substance. It had to be his lair. I wondered if it was as fragile and unstable as it looked, or if it would offer him protection if all the people he wronged ever followed after him in a wild mob, if ugly ghosts from the past would be thwarted by its opalescent faceted walls.

Suddenly, Arlo’s insufferable monotone stopped. He slumped from the waist, revealing Tessa standing behind him, holding him up by his belt. I smiled, but she didn’t smile back.

Her lips curled in a snarl as she let Arlo finish collapsing to the ground. She swatted a tear from her cheek and cried, “Where were you when I needed you?

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