The Grit Gets Finer

Elsewhere's Twin by Rune SkelleyThe next book we’ll release is titled Elsewhere’s Twin. It’s the third Divided Man book, following Miss Brandymoon’s Device and Tenpenny Zen. We’re thrilled at the prospect of having the completed series out.

With its publication date looming, we’ve been pushing to get through another editing pass. Jen built up a head start, and Kent is coming through in her wake. This gives us each a better chance to catch things, really lets two heads be better than one. We notice different kinds of issues, which is great. We cover more of the spectrum.

This manuscript has already been revised a few times, so the major surgery’s been handled. What we’re doing now is line edits, mainly. Jen has a bit of an advantage, going first, so she’s been trimming more words out than Kent has. It’s working out to about a 5:1 ratio.

We’re pleased to see that pattern, because it means the book is in really good shape. It’s being polished now, not reshaped. Each successive edit has produced a smaller impact on the word count than the one before it. The bulky tools have been put away in favor of more delicate instruments.

  • chainsaw
  • machete
  • scalpel
  • coarse-grit sandpaper
  • fine-grit sandpaper <– we are here
  • silk handkerchief

Editing with a partner makes the process much more efficient, if you have good teamwork.


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