The Full Implication of My Discovery

  • by jenwith a cold, wet hand towel
  • Jason, what happened?
  • how can I tell you I was wrong?
  • America’s number 1 wedding rapper
  • usually either annoying or terrifying

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The full implication of my discovery was like being struck across the face with a cold, wet hand towel. I don’t find red hair chilling usually — either annoying or terrifying, depending on the source, but not chilling. In this case though, its presence on the carpet could only mean one thing. Tessa had been here, and recently. Was she a prisoner, or in league with one of my siblings?

Freya saw the look on my face and said, “Jason, what happened?

I was surprised that Freya could not tell me apart from my twin. Being a twin herself, she was usually quite sensitive to the faux pas. For now I decided to let her go on believing I was Jason, America’s number 1 wedding rapper. As long as I didn’t have to actually rap I should be fine.

I said, “How can I tell you I was wrong? Wrong about Mother, wrong about Thor, wrong about Father’s death, wrong about everything?”

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