The Donut Shop Proprietor

  • by Kentpromised to be an energizing climax
  • I’m ready to fight for her
  • being dragged by several Aztec warriors
  • bred into them a savage vitality
  • zoo for endangered species

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The donut shop proprietor was glad to have people to talk to. He babbled about the Scorpion Angel Cremes for what seemed like hours.

“And the scorpions themselves come from a zoo for endangered species, where the scorpion breeding program was tragically successful, and threatened the endangered status of the species. Well, they couldn’t lose one of their biggest attractions, so they found markets for the little beasties. Might I just add that, speaking as a connoisseur, these zookeepers bred into them a savage vitality that you can really taste. Oh, but don’t eat too many at once. The venom can be slightly hallucinogenic, and before you know it you’re being dragged by several Aztec warriors in front of a cheering throng and their haughty queen, and you hear your own voice declaring, ‘I’m ready to fight for her!’ But at the last moment –”

Another customer approached the counter, interrupting the tale before what promised to be an energizing climax.

“He’s distracted,” I whispered to my abductor. “Take a few more of these Scorpion Angels.” If they would make him hallucinate, then I’d love to see him eat a donut. Or twelve.

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