The Best Kind of Busy

The Writing Cave has been a buzzing hive of activity lately, and it keeps getting busier. So busy, in fact, that some of our operations spilled over into the Auxiliary Writing Cave.

We’re in the midst of writing Son of Science Novel while actively editing Tenpenny Zen (sequel to Miss Brandymoon’s Device), and planning the edits for the third book in that series. When we’re not doing any of that, we’re in early discussions for the third Music Novel and the big scary question of Whatever Comes Next And Probably Will Be Kind Of Supernatural. (Wow! We’re going to have to come up with a more concise name for that!)

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there’s a new demand on our time, and it’s one we weren’t entirely prepared for. Fan mail.

Woe is us, right?

A few months ago we went to see David Sedaris, and we were very impressed with how available he makes himself to his fans. He’s there before the show signing books, and he stays after until everyone in line has had their turn. He talks to everyone and it’s a very friendly interaction.

We decided that that’s how we want to engage with fans of our writing. Right now the flow of emails is just a trickle, but we have little doubt it will eventually become a tsunami. It’s important that we work it into our schedule now so that it becomes a habit.

If you want to fawn all over us, or berate us, or just say Hi, email us at or just hit up the comments. We’d love to engage with you!

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