Writing Prompt Generator: Stichomancy

Enjoy reading stichomancy prompts? Ready to give it a try? No time to flip through books and menus and your neighbor’s trash to find phrases at random? We have the solution! Just choose your level of challenge, and this whiz-bang contraption will spew forth the number of phrases indicated, which you will then incorporate — verbatim! — into your own masterpiece of microfiction.

The rules we use:

  • preexisting punctuation & capitalization must be maintained
  • you may add capitalization & punctuation if you so desire
  • no adding words into source phrases, or dropping words from them

More about stichomancy writing prompts.

Share your results in the comments! We’d love to see what you come up with.

Note: some subject matter may be unsuitable for children.




  1. Jen

    – a hefty return on investment
    – A good scent?
    – without triggering the activation light
    – can be wrapped in plastic
    – “Screw you, Alan!” I yelled

  2. Kent

    – strode from the office
    – red wine of the lowest denomination
    – blood and meat pouring out
    – after a long illness
    – swinging your hips

  3. Jen

    Swinging your hips you strode from the office after a long illness, with red wine of the lowest denomination (aka blood), and meat pouring out of the hole where your stomach used to be. Sorry I shot you, bro.

  4. Kent

    S’alright, happens sometimes. Bonus points for using them all in one sentence!

    “Screw you, Alan!” I yelled from the kitchen. He thought he was so clever. With a shim improvised from a cereal box, I got the fridge open without triggering the activation light. A funny smell rolled out, an unidentifiable scent. A good scent? I couldn’t decide. Not just leftovers can be wrapped in plastic, Alan. Why didn’t you cover it up? I scraped his secret photosensitive goo into an opaque plastic container, knowing it would bring a hefty return on investment when I delivered it to Alan’s rival biochemists.

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