Despite The Total Unclothedness

  • by Kentapproximately one-third of one nipple
  • like in some fairytale
  • removed the latex gloves
  • bearded, hairy face
  • the seductive influence

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Despite the total unclothedness of the three people in front of me, which meant there were six nipples exposed, the angle of view afforded me only a glimpse of approximately one-third of one nipple, and it wasn’t one I would have picked. Their choreography of modesty was as impressive as it was uncharacteristic, like in some fairytale, the film version of which received a hard R rating for the scene where the wicked stepmother removed the latex gloves from her hands after wearing them to caress the bearded, hairy face of her prisoner. Darlene whimpered, rocking her hips. I expected a professional like herself to be immune to the seductive influence of a potbellied deposed former first husband and his sibling covert operatives.

Given that the potbelly belonged to my father, I certainly was.

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